The newsletter is intended to help improve the quality of life of family caregivers and seniors in our local communities. Each month we address topics related to the joys and challenges of being a family caregiver. There will be informational articles as well as a list of various meetings, support groups and other resources available to you in our community. Feel free to send your questions, ideas and concerns.
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August  2020

Senior Connection Continues to Make Connections -
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I'm currently participating in a "Kindness Challenge," sponsored by a local nonprofit called Kind Defined, an agency whose purpose is to make this world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. As all of us continue to navigate the challenges of the past months and face the uncertainty of the months ahead, I encourage you to spread kindness like never before. Reach out to others and give or receive a kind word or a helping hand.

As always, the Senior Connection is here for you. Please visit my website at and take advantage of the many free resources intended to connect you with the help you need. These resources include our Online Resource Directory, Speakers Bureau Presentations, Agency Videos, Informational Articles, and this "Caregiver Connection" Newsletter. Please tell your friends and family about the Senior Connection, and encourage them to sign up for the Newsletter via our website.

Our Senior Connection Members continue their efforts and commitment to provide services and assistance to you, especially during this challenging time. Please reach out to them if you have general questions or are in need of their products or services. They are listed on the right hand side of this newsletter, as well as in the online Resource Directory. I’d appreciate if you would let them know you learned about them through the Senior Connection. Remember, it’s our Members who make the Senior Connection possible.

Take good care of yourselves and let me know if I can be of help to you!

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Informational Articles

As Caregivers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that need to be accomplished for your loved one each day. While it’s easy to remain upbeat on good days, it’s the bad days that can leave you feeling confused, exhausted or resentful. At these times, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. 

Knowing what to expect can help tremendously in your ability to cope. Knowledge is Power! Each month in this newsletter we include one or more articles on topics relating to the joys and challenges of aging and caregiving. To read additional articles on a variety of topics, please visit the Articles section of our website. Dozens of candid articles get right to the "heart of the matter," from both the Caregiver’s and Senior’s perspectives.

This month’s Newsletter articles:

"Managing Chronic Pain
Angela Gavelli Fernandez,
Northern Arizona Pain Institute

"Avoid These: 4 Investing Mistakes
 in Times of Volatility

by Joe Allen, Edward Jones

"Yoga & Meditation"

by Nick Brown, Touchmark at the Ranch

Tips for Preparing Your Home for Aging in Place"
by Bill Binkey, Reverse Mortgage Specialist

These articles can be found below the Meetings, Events & Educational Opportunities Section in this Newsletter

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Please let me know if you find the articles useful and what other topics you’d like to see.


PLEASE NOTE: All of our Senior Connection Members have been steadfast in their efforts to assist you during this challenging time, providing services in person, via phone or on line. Please reach out to them if you need information or assistance. They will be happy to help you, as well as answer questions about what they are doing to keep their clients and staff healthy and safe. You can find them listed on the right hand side of this newsletter.

SENIOR CONNECTION’S SENIOR RESOURCES ON-LINE DIRECTORY is your one-stop source for products and services available to Seniors and Family Caregivers throughout Yavapai County. Included is contact information for nearly 400 for-profit, non-profit and government companies and agencies. Search on nearly 30 categories, including Independent and Assisted Living Facilities, Skilled Nursing, In-Home Care, Transportation, Respite, End of Life, Financial, Legal, Emotional Support, and more. Save hundreds of hours of your valuable time and endless frustration looking for the help you need. Visit and select the link to the Resource Directory.

Dates and times of meetings and events sometimes change at the last minute. It’s a good idea to call ahead, just to be sure.

"BEING HAPPIER WITH LESS – THE JOY OF BEING UNCLUTTERED" is the featured Senior Connection Speakers Bureau presentation through Thursday, August 6 via TeleConnection Streaming on the Senior Connection website. Lyn Cloward, In Your Space Consulting, explains how we became such a clutter society. She covers the emotional side of downsizing and provides tips to get you started and keep you motivated. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home, or simply want to de-clutter to age in place, Lyn will help you map out a plan to reduce your clutter and increase your joy. Handouts are provided. It’s super simple to watch the presentation. There’s no need to register or log in, no app and no password required. Go to and click on the link to Speakers Bureau TeleConnection Streaming. This presentation is available to view "On Demand" (i.e. at your convenience). For more information contact Debbie Stewart at or call (928) 778-3747.

"STARTING THE CONVERSATION – HOW TO BEGIN COMMUNICATION WITH OUR LOVED ONES ABOUT AGING" is a free Senior Connection Speakers Bureau presentation to occur August 6 via TeleConnection Streaming on the Senior Connection website. Presenter is Jazmin Enriquez, Community Relations Coordinator for Brookdale Senior Living in Prescott. Although some things may be better left unsaid, having a conversation with your loved ones about aging is not one of those things. In fact, when it comes to this conversation you might say it’s always too soon until it’s too late. The goal of this presentation is to educate you about how to partner with your loved ones on their aging journey, such that you can prepare for the conversation, understand topic areas that need to be considered and discussed, identify when your loved one may need additional help, and know what resources to call on both now and in the future. It’s super simple to watch the presentation. There’s no need to register or log in, no app and no password is required. Go to and click on the link to Speakers Bureau TeleConnection Streaming. After its initial air date, the presentation will remain available to view "On Demand" (i.e. at your convenience). For more information contact Debbie Stewart at or call (928) 778-3747.

ADDITIONAL SENIOR CONNECTION SPEAKERS BUREAU TOPICS will become available each week. For a list of previous as well as upcoming topics, go to the Speakers Bureau page on my website at  It’s super simple to watch these presentations! There’s no need to register or log in, no app and no password required. Go to and click on the link to Speakers Bureau TeleConnection Streaming. Once a presentation is uploaded to the website, it remains available to view "On Demand" (i.e. at your convenience) thereafter. Many of the presenters provide hand-out materials or a copy of their presentation, which are available by clicking on the "Hand Out" button below their presentation. For more information contact Debbie Stewart at or call (928) 778-3747.

PRIOR SENIOR CONNECTION SPEAKERS BUREAU TOPICS that are available for viewing include: "A FireSide Chat about Coronavirus-19"; "Helping Seniors Decide If It’s Time To Sell Their Home"; "Cost-Saving Programs for Medicare Recipients"; "What Happens When the Paychecks Stop? A Retirement Income Primer"; "Coronavirus & Caregiver Concerns"; "Anxiety & the Coronavirus: Getting through these tough times"; "Creating Habits of Happiness - Building Resilience"; "Get a Grip! Secrets to Improving Strength, Balance & Flexibility"; "Should Your Retirement Plan Include a Reverse Mortgage? Get the Facts!"; "Chair Dancing & Cardio Fun"; "Keeping Your Mind Sharp"; "What's All The Buzz About? Tinnitus Education"; "Foundations of Investing"; "Medication Dangers to Seniors"; "Fraud Watch - How to Outsmart A Crook"; "Getting to the Right Place - Senior Living Solutions"; "Regaining Solid Financial Footing After the Loss of a Spouse"; "Pet Ownership for Seniors - Tips for Success"; "Demystifying Medicare - Clearing Up the Confusion."

MIRACLE-EAR CENTER PRESCOTT is holding a 3-day special hearing event August 5-7 in Prescott. Jennifer Salisbury, a Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialist factory trained product expert, will be on site to preview the advantages of Miracle-Ear’s latest state-of-the art products and technology. Location is 1027 Fair St - Suite C, Prescott. For more information or to make a free, no-obligation reservation, call (928) 277-0795. (Miracle-Ear Prescott is a Senior Connection Member)

"HOW TO SORT FACT FROM FICTION ONLINE" is a free Webinar being offered by AARP on Thursday, August 6 from 4-4:30pm. In addition to a wealth of helpful information, there are plenty of sensationalized headlines, misleading stories and even complete falsehoods circulating on the internet, making it hard for even the most discerning reader to sort fact from fiction. You can stay one step ahead of misinformation if you know the three most helpful questions to ask yourself while surfing the web. This free webinar will equip you with tools and resources such as the AARP Fact Tracker, which has been designed to help you distinguish fact from fiction online.  You can also discover: Ways to determine if the source you are using is reputable, How to report misleading information or scams, Ideas for approaching friends or family who have shared inaccurate content. For a link to the registration form, contact Shawn Trobia via email at or call (928) 273-7601.

"FOUNDATIONS OF INVESTING" is a free, educational presentation to occur Tuesday, August 11, from 3-4pm via a Web Conference Zoom Meeting. Joe Allen, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones in Prescott will help you increase your investing IQ. Building your investor IQ starts with understanding the basics. Whether you are new to investing or need a refresher, this Foundations of Investing presentation will help you learn: The importance of developing a strategy, the impact of asset allocation, and the influence of inflation on your long-term goals. Seating is limited. For more information to or to reserve space for yourself and a guest, contact Joe at (928) 445-2226 or email or stop by his office at 5672 E State Rt 69, Suite 135 in Prescott Valley, near the Hobby Lobby, below the Dollar Store. For information about Joe's upcoming events, visit (Joe is a Senior Connection Member.)

INVESTING COFFEE CLUB - IN PERSON & VIRTUAL will meet August 18 from 9:30-10:30am in Prescott, with a phone-in option available. This free monthly meeting is an informal gathering, discussing current events, the economy and investing in a relaxed, informal setting. Hosted by Joe Allen, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, these meetings occur the third Tuesday of each month at Third Shot Coffee (at the Prescott Gateway Mall next to Pier 1). Includes a cup of coffee, courtesy of Joe. There is also a toll-free phone number for those who prefer to listen-in from the comfort of their home. Phone participants should call 1-866-528-2256 and enter meeting ID number 4821089# a few minutes prior to the starting time. For more information, contact Joe at (928) 445-2226 or email or stop by his office at 5672 E State Rt 69, Suite 135 in Prescott Valley, near the Hobby Lobby, below the Dollar Store. For information about Joe's upcoming events, visit (Joe is a Senior Connection Member.)

"TROUBLE WITH TREBLE" - Doug Dunker, Prescott Hearing Center, is presenting a hearing health webinar August 19 at 1pm, with special guest speaker Dr. Ted Venema. Dr Ted will discuss the components of the outer and inner ear, the causes of hearing loss, and possible solutions to restoring your hearing ability, thus increasing your quality of life. Many people experience hearing loss and are not even aware of it. In fact, people tend to avoid addressing the problem of poor hearing performance until they are "nudged" by a spouse, other loved one, or a close friend. Dr. Ted Venema studied and earned his BA in Philosophy in 1977 at Calvin College. In 1988, Dr. Ted continued his education to receive his MA in Audiology at Western Washington University. After serving for three years as a clinical Audiologist at The Canadian Hearing Society in Toronto, his studies at the University of Oklahoma were rewarded with a PhD in 1993. Reserve your space by signing up today at If you have questions, please call Prescott Hearing Center at (928)899-8104. (Prescott Hearing Center is a Senior Connection Member.)

PEOPLE WHO CARE is a nonprofit agency that uses volunteers to provide caring, non-medical assistance to adults who are no longer able to drive due to age-related and physical limitations, in order to help them to continue living at home and in their communities. Volunteer Orientation meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:30pm at the Prescott Main Office. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, or to sign up for an orientation meeting, call (928) 445-2480 or visit

"WALK TO END ALZHEIMER’S" annual nationwide fundraiser will occur October 3 in Prescott and October 24 in Sedona. However, due to the virus, rather than hold the event at their usual locations, participants are encouraged to walk in small groups, at the location of their choosing (their neighborhood, a local park, etc). There will be a virtual kick-off event on line. Registration has begun for individuals and teams of Walkers, and donations can be made any time prior to the Walk. I (Debbie) will be participating as a Walker in Prescott and would be honored if you would make a donation on behalf of the Senior Connection. For more information about the Walk or to register as a participant in Prescott, visit and to make a donation on my behalf select "Donation," enter my first and last name, i.e. Debbie Stewart and click "Search." For more information about Walks in Sedona or other locations, visit and select Find Your Walk or contact Lesley Jenkins at or (The Alzheimer’s Association is a Senior Connection Member.)


AAA in Prescott is open with limited services and staff. Notary, passport photos and international driving permits have been temporarily suspended due to COVID. New hours are 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday, closed for lunch from 12-1pm. AAA now offers a home security system, as well as an emergency call button for you to use while you are home. For more information visit the office at 172 E Sheldon Suite C-100 (in the Depot Marketplace, next to Sprouts) or call (928) 541-8600.

HOME CARE ASSISTANCE RELOCATES THEIR OFFICES - As of August 1, Home Care Assistance will relocate their offices from the storefront area next to Staples to a new expanded space at 242 N. Whipple Street, Suite 3, Prescott, Arizona. The new office will include space for a Caregiver Skills Lab for advanced caregiver training and curriculum. Caregivers will now be able to demonstrate their skill level for assisting clients with activities of daily living, as well as safe transfers, working with bed-bound and hospice patients. Carol White, Owner of HCA, said "At HCA, we have always strived to recruit the highest caliber caregivers to provide care to our elderly clients. However, in many cases we find candidates that only partially meet our criteria. With our skills-lab, we can now provide caregivers with training and skills verifications consistent with our care model." In addition to a new skills lab, Home Care Assistance will continue to provide caregiver training on their integrated holistic- approach towards aging through two proprietary programs known as the Balanced Care Method™ and Cognitive Therapeutics Method™. The philosophy of Home Care Assistance is to optimize the wellness of seniors and bring energy, independence, and joy to them in this special phase of life. Please feel free to call Home Care Assistance at 928-771-0105 to learn more about their caregiving curriculum module. You can also make an appointment to stop by to tour our new office.

PAMELA CREGGER HAS JOINED HOME CARE ASSISTANCE (HCA), a non-medical, in-home care provider as the new Business Development Manager. Pamela joins Carol White, owner of HCA and her team of knowledgeable caring professionals, who are committed to helping seniors live more fulfilled lives, wherever they call home. Most of her career, Pamela has been in senior healthcare marketing; working to identify and serve the needs of seniors. She has experience working with seniors and their families receiving help through assisted living, skilled nursing & rehab, non-medical, in-home care, home health and hospice services. She is dedicated to helping seniors find quality care services and resources that will enrich their lives, while providing the dignity and respect each person deserves. That is why she chose Home Care Assistance. Pamela has been involved in the Prescott senior community for many years and has been a kick-off speaker at several events, including the Senior Connection’s "Senior & Caregivers Conference & Expo." She continues to explore opportunities to provide quality education and information to seniors and their families. She is excited to be back working in the community. Home Care Assistance serves the Prescott/Quad City areas, as well as the Verde Valley and Sedona. You can contact Pamela at (928) 899-7929.

BY THE NUMBERS$ is a free weekly newsletter provided by Bill Binkey, Sr.Reverse Mortgage Specialist with V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. Bill’s mission is to provide information and resources for Seniors to help them make a better informed decision about the Reverse Mortgage program. If you would like to receive the newsletter, or learn more about Reverse Mortgages, contact Bill by email at or call him in Prescott at (928) 237-9599 or visit his website at Bill provides no-pressure no-obligation free consultations.

CENTRAL ARIZONA SENIORS ASSOCIATION (CASA) has resumed many of their regular activities, with appropriate Social Distancing protocols in place. For their most recent schedule, call (928) 772-3337 or stop by 9360 Manzanita Circle in Prescott Valley.

ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION, Desert Southwest Chapter offers a line-up of free, educational classes via their website. Some of the topics include "10 Warning Signs of Dementia, Understanding Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Effective Communication Strategies, Living With Alzheimer’s. All of the classes are free. To learn about available classes visit and select Events, then scroll down and select Educational Programs. For more information or to register for a class, call (800) 272-3900. For local assistance, call the Prescott office at (928) 771-9257.

AARP COMMUNITY CONNECT - Soon after the COVID pandemic came into our everyday lives, the AARP National office developed and implemented the "AARP Community Connections" program. AARP says we may be apart, but we don’t have to be alone. Across the country, people are organizing online mutual aid groups to stay connected, share ideas, and help those in need. Whether you want to start a group, find a group, or request a friendly call from one of AARP’s volunteers, AARP can help you connect with people in your community. For information, visit Friendly Voices is a program where anyone can request a phone call from an AARP Volunteer who has been trained to participate as a Friendly Caller. With Covid being a factor in causing increased isolation for so many people, the Friendly Voices program was implemented to help combat that isolation. The program is nationwide, and about 300 AARP Volunteers across the country have been trained under the programs guidelines, and are making those friendly calls every day. To date, thousands of calls have been made to people requesting a friendly phone call with an AARP Volunteer. To request a call, visit or call AARP toll-free at 888-281-0145, between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROGRAM – As of June 3, the Arizona Department of Health Services changed its software that manages the medical marijuana program. The new program process requires each person have an email and set up an individual portal to process the patient application. This portal is also where the electronic only card will be sent, the state no longer mails a patient or caregiver card. Many seniors are technology challenged so MJ Consulting LLC can complete the process for you including printing and laminating a hardcopy card. If you need a physician to complete your certification or your own doctor completed your physician certification form and you need help to process your application, MJ Consulting invites you to please come see us! For more information, contact MJ Consulting LLC, 8540 E State Route 69 in Prescott Valley, or call (928) 772-2011 or visit their website at


Arizona Department of Health Services:
Yavapai County Community Health Services:
(928) 442-5103, 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri
Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION Toll-free 24/7 HELPLINE (800) 272-3900. SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS are being conducted via Conference Call. If you'd like to participate in a local meeting, call their toll-free Helpline number (800) 272-3900 and tell them you’d like to participate in a "Support Group meeting telephone conference call," as well as which meeting (city, day and time). They'll provide you the meeting ID number. On the day of the meeting, call about 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to get "signed in." Prescott meetings occur the 1st & 3rd Monday of each month at 10am, and Prescott Valley meetings occur every Monday at 10a.m. MESSAGE BOARD: This is a web based "Message Board" for caregivers, where you can read through past submissions (questions/answers), as well as pose questions of your own. Go to and select "Message Board for Caregivers" and then click on "Caregivers Forum."

"PCA SERVES" BASIC NECESSITIES GROCERY SHOPPING, PRESCRIPTION & MAIL PICK-UP, MEAL DELIVERY is being offered as a free community service by volunteers with the Prescott Arts Center, to vulnerable adults in the extended tri-city area. This is for people who are unable or would prefer not to leave their home, and cannot afford to otherwise pay for this type of service. The program is called "PCA Serves." For details, including a Services Request Form, visit or call (928) 445-3286.

SPECTRUM HEALTHCARE (Senior Connection Member) – Provides whole Healthcare Services at several locations throughout Yavapai County, as well as Telehealth Services, Home Visits (Wearing Personal Protection Equipment), and they have a Psychiatrist and Therapists to assist their patients. They also have a Mobile Crisis Team that is available to those in the community at no charge, for people who are experiencing a mental health crisis who are unable to leave their home. For more information or to request help from the Mobile Crisis Team, call (928) 778-0330 in Prescott or (928) 634-2236 in the Verde Valley 24/7. Their website is

WEST YAVAPAI GUIDANCE CLINIC (Senior Connection Member) If you are having an immediate behavioral or mental health crisis, the Guidance Clinic is available to help. Telehealth Specialists are available 24/7 to people of all ages. Telehealth and Virtual Intake can assist people via phone in the comfort of their own home. Or you can go to their Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) located at 8655 E Eastridge Drive in Prescott Valley. Community members can call the main number 928-445-5411 ext 3900 and that will take them to the CSU with 24/7 coverage. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

"Managing Chronic Pain"

To treat chronic pain effectively, you must address its physical, emotional, and psychological aspects.

Pain is an all-too-familiar problem and the most common reason people see a physician. Unfortunately, alleviating pain isn’t always straight forward. At least 100 million adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain, according to the Institute of Medicine. The American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined.

Pain serves an important purpose by alerting you to injuries such as a sprained ankle or burned hand. Chronic pain, however, is often more complex. People often think of pain as a purely physical sensation. However, pain has biological, psychological, and emotional factors. Furthermore, chronic pain can cause feelings such as anger, hopelessness, sadness, and anxiety. To treat pain effectively, you must address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects.

Medical treatments including medication management, surgery, physical therapy, and interventional procedures may be helpful for treating chronic pain. Psychological treatments are also an important part of pain management. Understanding and managing the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that accompany the discomfort can help you cope more effectively with your pain- and can reduce the intensity of your pain.

Seeing a psychologist about pain
Psychologists are experts in helping people cope with the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that accompany chronic pain. They may work with individuals through an independent private practice or part of a health care team in a clinical setting. Patients with chronic pain may be referred to psychologists for psychological evaluations to collaborate with other pain management specialists to address both the physical, and emotional aspects of the patient’s pain.

Tips for coping with pain
Consider the following steps that can be helpful in changing habits and improving sleep:

Stay active - Pain or the fear of pain - can lead people to stop doing the things they enjoy. It’s important to not let pain take over your life.

Know your limits - Continue to be active in a way that acknowledges your physical limitations. Make a plan about how to manage your pain, and don’t push yourself to do more than you can handle.

Exercise - Stay healthy with low-impact exercise such as stretching, yoga, walking, swimming. 

Make social connections - Call a family member, invite a friend to lunch or make a date for coffee with a pal you haven’t seen in awhile. Research shows that people with greater social support are more resilient and experience less depression and anxiety. Ask for help when you need it.

Distract yourself - When pain flares, find ways to distract your mind from it. Watch a movie, take a walk, engage in a hobby or visit a museum.

Don't lose hope - With the right kind of treatments, many people learn to manage their pain and start to feel much better.

Follow prescriptions carefully - If medications are a part of your treatment plan, be sure to use them as prescribed by your doctor to avoid any possible dangerous side effects.

Photo: Dorian Lange, PharmD, MBA, CEO

Article submitted by Angela Gavelli Fernandez - Clinical Coordinator, Northern Arizona Pain Institutes.  For more information, visit or call the Prescott office at (928) 458-7343.




"Avoid These: 4 Investing Mistakes
 in Times of Volatility

Often, the hardest part of investing is the one we have the most control over – our emotions. Ups and downs in the market, as in life, are normal. It's your reaction to them that will make the difference in your strategy. Here are some common investing mistakes – and how you can avoid them.

1) Trying to time the market
To time the market successfully, you have to know when to get out and when to get back in. Getting one right is tough. Getting both right? Nearly impossible. But, if you don't stay fully invested in the market, you may miss out on the best days.

2) Holding too much in cash
Cash can serve a valuable role, providing for your spending needs as well as for emergencies. But holding too much in cash can come with risk – the risk of not having enough growth to meet your goals or offset inflation.

3) Chasing performance
Letting fear influence your decisions can lead to buying at market peaks and selling at market bottoms. A better strategy is to have a broad asset allocation and remain diversified so you can better weather market gains and losses.

4) Focusing on the short term
Don't measure your performance on day-to-day fluctuations. The stock market averages a 10% correction every year, and there have been 32 bear markets and 32 recoveries since 1900. Market declines are normal. The key is to remain focused on your long-term goal, not the bad news of the day.

The best way to avoid all of these?

When you start to feel an emotional reaction to the market, reach out to your financial advisor to review your goals. Your portfolio, and your future self, will thank you.

Submitted by Joe Allen, Financial Advisor – Edward Jones, located at 5672 E State Rt 69 Suite 135, Prescott Valley. For more information, contact Joe at (928) 445-2226 or or visit

"Yoga & Meditation for Beginners"

August is National Wellness Month as well as International Peace Month, so the holistic benefits of yoga and meditation immediately come to mind. People all over the world practice yoga and meditate as part of their mental and physical maintenance plan, and you can, too! All ability levels can be accommodated; you just need a desire to begin, a little free time, and a willingness to try something new.

Ready Your Space -You can meditate or practice yoga nearly anywhere, but your space should:

Allow you to move freely without fear of injury or breaking something. Be flat and firm enough to support your weight. Skip the bed or couch and move to the floor. Make sure your feet and hands can easily grip the ground. Be tranquil. If a particular room feels cluttered or is causing you stress, spending more time there will not be conducive to relaxation.

Get Your Equipment in Order - You don’t need much, but you will need:

A yoga mat, rug, or carpet. You want to protect your joints and be comfortable. It’s hard to find your Zen if your knees hurt! Comfortable but fitting clothes. You want unencumbered movement without a lot of extra fabric getting in the way. Something to guide you. To get started finding free resources, visit on your computer or smart TV and search for beginning yoga and/or meditation videos. If using your phone, download the Smiling Mind app or one similar. You can build a personal library of resources over time as you discover your preferences.

Budget Your Time & Make It a Habit - The most difficult part of any wellness routine is simply getting started. In the beginning, train yourself by:

Scheduling one hour of yoga or meditation each week, breaking it up into 15- or 30-minute segments. Putting it on your calendar. It’s easier to stick to something if it’s marked with a big X on the fridge or making your phone buzz. Telling someone about your plans and encouraging them to check in on you. Accountability helps, even if it’s just a text from a friend once per week saying, "How’s the yoga treating you?" You might inspire them to try it, too! Incorporating it into your existing exercises. If you normally go on a brisk morning walk, do a few poses before, during, or after. You may find walking easier as a result and experience fewer sore muscles.

It’s vital to our overall health and well-being to make time to quiet the mind. Those who regularly engage in yoga and meditation report a decrease in anxiety and stress, better sleep and flexibility, and increased emotional control. We all deserve the opportunity to connect with the self and find peace within, especially during these uncertain times.

Submitted by Nick Brown, Certified Fitness Professional and Trainer at Touchmark Health & Fitness Club. For more fitness resources, contact Nick at (928)708-3133 or visit



"4 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Aging in Place"

Nearly 90 percent of the 50-plus population wants to stay in their homes and communities as they age, according to AARP research. But many of these homes were not built or designed with the needs of older adults in mind. How can we make the homes of today suitable residences for the needs of tomorrow? Start with these 4 tips.

1.  Make home repairs and improvements sooner rather than later
Americans 65 and older with lower incomes are more likely to own older homes, which likely require more frequent and costly repairs than newer models. Regardless of your age or income level, try to make home repairs as soon as possible. Fixing problems promptly often saves you from paying for larger, more costly disasters down the line. "The most important recommendation I can offer is the urgent need for homeowners to take necessary steps to ensure an age-friendly home before they need it," stresses AARP Foundation Vice President of Housing Vivian Vasallo. Begin to optimize and improve your living quarters while you’re physically able to save money and avoid accidents. 

2.  Understand Universal Design
"Universal Design is an approach to home building, remodeling and community development that centers on safety and ease of movement both inside and outside of the home," explains Vasallo. "UD features range from lever door handles and easy-to-grasp cabinet pulls to no threshold showers, zero-step entrances, and first floor living. Remember, a well-designed, practical home doesn’t need to look stuffy. Your home can be age-in-place-friendly and still reflect your personal style.

3.  Consider a reverse mortgage
"If you are a homeowner who wants to age in place and are on a fixed income and have no real financial wherewithal to fix a roof, fix the furnace, etc- all the things you need to do if you own a home - you may possibly explore a reverse mortgage, or home equity conversion mortgage," says Brian Sullivan, spokesperson, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Think of the mortgage you’re paying on your home now as a forward mortgage. Through a reverse mortgage, the mortgage company pays you. But the option is not the best fit for everyone. "It is critical senior citizens get housing counseling before they tap into the equity," urges Sullivan.

 4. Take advantage of available resources
Consider grants and loans available though Government Home Repair programs, or reach out to grassroots nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together. The AARP also offers a wealth of resources. "We understand that it is often difficult to know where to begin when it comes to making meaningful home modifications. Often, the best way is to start simply," suggests Vasallo. 

To get started, follow these five steps from the AARP Home Fit Guide: 

1.  Install handrails on both sides of all steps (inside and outside).
2.  Secure all carpets & area rugs with double-sided tape or carpet mesh.
3.  Install easy to grasp C- or-D-shaped handles for all drawers and cabinet doors.
4.  Use brighter bulbs that do not produce excessive glare in all settings.
5.  Install night-lights in all areas of night activity.

Submitted by Bill Binkey, Sr.Reverse Mortgage Consultant, NMLS # 214866, 14 years ‘going forward in reverse.’ For information about the Reverse Mortgage Program, visit Bill’s website at or contact Bill in Prescott at (928) 237-9599.




PLEASE NOTE: Many of the Support Groups and Classes listed below have been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19. However, most of them are currently offering support and information by phone, email or via their websites. I have included their normally scheduled events for contact information and future use.

A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig disease) Support Group meets on the fourth Monday each month, from 12:30-2:30 p.m. at NAVAHCS, 500 N Highway 89, Building 161, Prescott. Info: Amy Frank or visit

ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP meets Mondays at 10 a.m. at Prescott United Methodist Church, 505 W Gurley St, in the Simon Room (Parking & Entrance is on South Summit Avenue) as well as the Prescott Valley Public Library, 7401 E Civic Cr, in the Koole Meeting Room, 2nd floor. A group for veterans and their spouses meets at 1:30p.m. every Friday at the Prescott VA Medical Center, ECRC Room A205. In Sedona: The first & third Tuesday at 9:30a.m. at Sedona Methodist Church, 110 Indian Cliffs Rd. In Cottonwood: The first & third Wednesday at 10a.m. at Verde Valley Medical Center, 269 S Candy Lane (Enter Care/Rehab & Sports Medicine Experts Entrance). These groups are for those who are caring for someone affected by any form of memory loss or dementia, whether diagnosed or not. Newcomers always welcome – no advance notice required. Confidentiality of participants maintained. For more info for any of the above, send an email to or call (928) 771-9257 in Prescott.

ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION has numerous educational and supportive programs for individuals with dementia (whether diagnosed or not), and their caregivers, including a support group for those who have early stage dementia. Please contact the office for details, prior to attending one of these programs. Location: 3111 Clearwater Dr - Suite A, Prescott. Info: (928) 771-9257.

, facilitated by Highgate Senior Living, occurs the last Wednesday of every month from 5-6p.m. in Prescott. Meetings are open to the general public. Location: 1600 Petroglyph Pointe Drive. For info, contact Isabelle Fabrie, Cottage Coordinator, via email at or call 541-1400.

ALZHEIMER’S – MUSIC PROGRAM – The Margaret T Morris Center invites you to attend a free program the 1st & 2nd Tuesdays of each month at 3pm, featuring Dwayne LeSassier from Dwayne’s Music Ministry. Caregivers and their care receivers suffering from the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia will enjoy Dwayne’s "magic" as he connects with people one-on-one through music and singing. His music provides calm, peace and joy. Dwayne brings out the most brilliant of smiles to those suffering from this devastating disease. Location: 878 Sunset Ave, Prescott. Call (928) 445-6633 for more info.

offers complimentary patient services in the quad cities. Reach to Recovery is a mentor program that matches breast cancer survivors with new breast cancer patients. Look Good…Feel Better provides cosmetic & skin care products at a 2-hour workshop for women facing cancer. Road to Recovery provides transportation for a patient to and from cancer treatment. Cancer Resource Center at the Arizona Oncology Office in Prescott Valley provides free wigs, fuel cards, head coverings, personal health managers, cancer information, support groups, direction to other local resources plus other comfort items for patients while in cancer treatment. Hope Lodge (located in Phoenix) provides housing for patients undergoing cancer treatments. For information about any of these programs, call toll-free (800) 227-2345.

ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION Land-Based Exercise Class occurs Tues and Thurs at 10 a.m. at Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, 3700 N. Windsong Dr in Prescott Valley. Classes are free, however, donations are appreciated to help support the Prescott Arthritis Foundation’s Summer Camp for Kids. Info: 759-8800.

ASPERGERS SUPPORT GROUP for those affected and their families are welcome to attend meetings the first Wednesday each month at 6 p.m. at the VA medical Center in Prescott, Mental Health Building 155, Room 107. Meeting starts with a potluck, followed by discussion or speaker until 8 p.m. Info: David Fero at or 830-0723.

BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT meets Tuesdays from 3-4 p.m. at Arizona Ruffner Wakelin Funeral Home, 303 S Cortez St, Prescott in the Carriage House. Info: 445-2221. Info: 778-3000.

BETTER BREATHERS CLUB – In cooperation with the American Lung Association, Yavapai Regional Medical Center offers educational opportunities and support to those with chronic lung disease (COPD) and their families, friends and support persons. Meets 2nd Monday of month from 1-2 p.m. at YRMC West Campus, Spruce Room. No cost to attend. Info: 771-5264.

BLIND/LOW VISION SUPPORT GROUP & CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUPS, sponsored by Senior Peer Program of West Yavapai Guidance Clinic. A support group for seniors coping with loss of vision. There are two separate groups and meeting dates for those who have loss of vision. One group meets the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month from 2-3:30pm in Prescott. A second group meets the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month from 2-3:30pm in Prescott, and there is a Caregivers Support Group that meets concurrently on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at the same location but in a different room, for people who are caring for someone with vision issues. Participation is free, but registration is required. For info or to register call Connie Boston at 445-5211 x2672. Also call Connie if you are interested in participating in a similar group in Prescott Valley.

BLOOD PRESSURE – free blood pressure readings courtesy of Nurses Network occurs second and fourth Thursdays from 10:30-11:30 a.m. at Central Arizona Seniors Association (CASA), 9360 Manzanita Circle in Prescott Valley. Info: 772-3337. Available first and third Thursday from 11:30-12:30 at Adult Center of Prescott, 1280 E Rosser. Info: 778-3000. Every Wednesday 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at Mayer Area Meals on Wheels courtesy of Mayer Fire Department at 10051 Miami Street. Info: 632-7511.

BRAIN INJURY SUPPORT GROUP for individuals with head injuries, including stroke and their caregivers.  Third Wednesday of every month from 2-3pm at Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, 3700 N. Windsong Drive in Prescott Valley. Facilitated by Erin Aafedt, SLP. Info: 759-8800.

BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP – meets the fourth Wednesday of the month from 4-5 p.m. at Yavapai Regional Medical Center Breast Care Center at Prescott Valley Campus. For individuals in recovery or recently diagnosed. Share experiences and support in a safe, private setting. Info: 442-8647. Breast Health Website has been established by Yavapai Regional Medical Center. Visit

CANCER SURVIVOR SUPPORT GROUP meets the second Tuesday of every month at 1:30pm in the Community Room at Highland Square Apartments, 532 W Mingus Ave in Cottonwood. The group helps individuals who currently have, or have survived, cancer share information and moral support, and connect with others who have faced the same challenges, while adding friendship and support. For more info call Julie (928) 899-9498.

CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP, sponsored by Area Agency on Aging and Good Samaritan Society, meets the 3rd Thursday of every month from 10-11am at Willow Hills Baptist Church, 1071 Mogollon Rd (Room B213), in Prescott. Respite may be available. Info: toll-free (877) 521-3500.

CHINO VALLEY COMMUNITY LOAN CLOSET has durable medical equipment such as canes, bedside commodes, wheelchairs, walkers, bath benches and toilet risers. There is no charge for the use of the equipment, with the understanding that it is to be returned when it is no longer needed. Managed by People Who Care, and located at Chino Valley Methodist Church, 735 E Road 1 South. Donations of equipment always welcome. Also have personal undergarments available – all sizes. Hours vary – please call first. Info: 636-3295.

CHRONIC FATIQUE IMMUNE DYSFUNCTION SYNDROME & Fibromyalgia Group meets the 3rd Thursday of the month from 2-3pm at New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center, 9400 E Valley Rd, Prescott Valley. For info visit or call 772-1266 ext 0.

DIABETES – LIVING WELL WITH DIABETES meets the third Tuesday of most months (call to request the yearly schedule) from 5:30-6:30pm at Yavapai Regional Medical Center West, Pendleton Center, 930 Division St in Prescott. Meetings are free and facilitated by YRMC. Local residents with diabetes, their spouses and caregivers are invited. Info: 771-5794.

DIABETES EDUCATION PROGRAM, sponsored by Verde Valley Medical Center, offers diabetes support group fourth Monday each month. Meetings focus on diabetes management and education. Info: 639-6346.

is an efficient and potentially life-saving way to ensure important medical information is quickly available to emergency personnel. Packet contains forms that are placed in your wallet and on your refrigerator, making it easily accessible during times of medical emergencies. Provided free by Yavapai Regional Medical Center, 771-5678.

FUNERAL CONSUMERS ALLIANCE OF ARIZONA offers preplanning information for a simple, dignified, affordable funeral. Contact statewide headquarters, 2221 E. Broadway, Ste 106, Tucson, AZ 85719, email or call (520) 721-0230. (Funeral Consumers Alliance of Northern AZ merged with Chapters in Phoenix and Tucson to form a statewide organization.)

GOLD STAR MOTHERS have lost sons and daughters in military service. Info: 499-5565 in Prescott.

GRANDPARENT SUPPORT GROUP for grandparents raising grandchildren meets the second Wednesday of the month from 6-7:30pm. at PUSD District Office, 300 E Gurley St in Prescott. Childcare is provided. A safe place to share experiences and find helpful resources. To be added to the notification list for upcoming meeting dates and events, contact Patrick Snider via email at or call (928) 445-5400 ext 70105.

GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP, offered by Good Samaritan Society Prescott Hospice, open to anyone in the community who has suffered the loss of a loved one. Meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month from 11am-noon at Good Samaritan Society Prescott Village, Upstairs Apartment Lounge, 1030 Scott Dr, Prescott (for info call 778-2450); and the second and fourth Thursday from 10-11am at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 7763 East Long Look Dr, Prescott Valley (for info call 778-5655). A group in Chino Valley can be arranged on an as needed basis.

HEARING LOSS SUPPORT – For information about resources available for those with hearing loss, contact Jack Clevenger with the Hearing Loss Association – Prescott Chapter via email at or call 227-1809.

HIP REPLACEMENT CLASS – facilitated by Yavapai Regional Medical Center, meets third Thursday from noon-1pm at YRMC Wellness Center in Prescott. Reservations required, call 771-5131; and second Monday in Prescott Valley from 9-10am in the conference room of YRMC’s Del E Webb Outpatient Center. Reservations required, call 759-5940.

JOINT REPLACEMENT CLASSES –facilitated by Yavapai Regional Medical Center physical rehabilitation staff, these one-hour educational classes are free in Prescott and Prescott Valley for local residents considering or scheduled for total knee or hip replacement surgery. See entries in this section for Hip & Knee Replacement classes offered by YRMC.

JOINT REPLACEMENT EDUCATION PROGRAM occurs every Tuesday at 10am in Prescott Valley. Location: Nurses Network, 3085 N Windsong Drive. Call (928) 772-8707 for more info.

KNEE REPLACEMENT CLASS – facilitated by Yavapai Regional Medical Center, meets fourth Friday from 1-2pm in the Wellness Center at YRMC West in Prescott. Reservations required, call 771-5131; and third Monday in Prescott Valley from 9-10am in the conference room, 2nd floor, at Del E Webb Outpatient Center. Reservations required, call 759-5940.

LIVING WITH LOSS SUPPORT GROUP, sponsored by Hospice of the Pines, Tuesdays from 1:30-3:30 pm at Step One Community Center, 6719 E 2nd St, Suite C, Prescott Valley and 6:30-8:00 pm at Pronghorn Ranch, 7051 N. Antelope Meadows Drive in Prescott Valley; Info: 632-0111 or 899-9498.

LUPUS SUPPORT GROUP, sponsored by Lupus Foundation office in Phoenix, occurs the 1st Saturday of every month at 10am in Prescott. Info: Helen Roy (928) 775-3649 or Beckie Blankenship (928) 848-6422.

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT LOAN – New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center’s Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Loan Closet includes walkers, crutches, shower chairs, electric scooters & power chairs, as well as other items. For availability status, please contact the main office (928) 772-1266 Ext 0.

MOBILITY ASSISTANCE AIDS including crutches, walkers, canes and wheelchairs are available for loan, rent or sale at CASA (Central Arizona Seniors Association), 9360 Manzanita Circle, Prescott Valley. Call 772-3337 for info.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SUPPORT GROUP meets 2nd Monday 11:30am-1pm at Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, 3700 N Windsong Dr, Prescott Valley. Info: 759-8800.

PARKINSON’S DISEASE SUPPORT GROUP - Prescott conducts monthly educational meetings for people with Parkinson’s Disease, their carepartners and friends. Meetings occur 3rd Thursday 10-11:30am at First Lutheran Church, 231 W Smoke Tree Ln, Prescott. Info: Contact Kay by email or phone 778-2242.

PARKINSON'S DISEASE SUPPORT GROUP - Verde Valley meets the 2nd Friday 3-4:30pm in Conference Room B at Verde Valley Medical Center. Group is led by Judy Talley, MAG, Program Director, Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance Meetings are open to the public. Info: (928) 202-7952.

PET ILLNESS/PET LOSS SUPPORT GROUP meets Wednesdays from 12-1:30pm at Prescott Valley Library, 7401 E Civic Circle, Geneology Room. Facilitated by an experienced therapist who understands what it is like to struggle with declining health, the letting go process and the loss of a beloved family pet. Info: or (928) 632-8124.

PHYSICIAN LISTING SERVICES is provided by Yavapai Regional Medical Center. For information about the availability of physicians who serve and are accepting senior patients in the extended Prescott area: 771-5106.

PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP, Us Too, meets 4th Thursday each month (except July & August) at 2pm at Good Samaritan’s Prescott Valley Samaritan Center, 3380 N Windsong Drive. The group also maintains a Facebook page containing resources. Info: Jack Wilson at or 445-5137.

RESPIRATORY WELLNESS CLASSES - facilitated by Yavapai Regional Medical Center. Goal is to help people manage COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Classes are free and meet in both Prescott and Prescott Valley. Call 771-5264 for times, topics and locations.

REVERSING HEART DISEASE SUPPORT GROUP meets 2nd Monday 3-4pm at Yavapai Regional Medical Center Wellness Center, 930 Division Street in Prescott (across from YMCA). Topics include dietary changes, stress reduction, exercise techniques and research outcomes. No charge to attend, however, pre-registration is suggested. Info: 771-5794.

SENIORS IN SOBRIETY Alcoholics Anonymous meets Tuesdays at 10am in Prescott at 133 Bradshaw Dr. Info: or 445-8691.

SENIOR MEN’S SUPPORT GROUP, sponsored by Senior Peer Program. A support group for senior men to share the joys and challenges of aging. Occurs 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month from 10:30am-noon in Prescott. For info or to register call Connie Boston at 445-5211 x2672.

SENIOR PEER PROGRAM of West Yavapai Guidance Clinic offers various groups and classes. For the latest schedule, visit their website at or call Connie Boston at (928) 445-5211 Ext 2672.

SENIOR PEER SUPPORT matches Senior volunteers with Seniors who would benefit from having a peer visitor. Volunteers and participants are generally age 60 and above. Through weekly visits in their homes, participants in the program receive peer support to decrease a sense of loneliness, learn how to adapt to life changes, as well as successfully manage emotional and physical well-being. There are no costs for the services and no financial eligibility requirement. Participants may request services or may be referred by a health care provider, family and friends. Potential volunteers are always needed. For more info, contact Connie Boston, Manager, Senior Peer Program 445-5211 ext 2672.

SINGING IN THE KEY OF LIFE GROUP, sponsored by Senior Peer Program,  occurs Wednesdays from 10-11:30am.. A group for seniors that centers around a love of singing and sharing. Please call Connie Boston at 445-5211 x2672 to register and receive information about the location.

SPINAL CORD INJURY SUPPORT GROUP meets the first Thursday at 6pm at Mountain Valley Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, 3700 N Windsong Drive in Prescott Valley. Info: 759-8800.

STROKE SUPPORT GROUP meets the first and third Fridays each month from 10:15-11:30am in the Deborah Room at Prescott United Methodist Church, 505 W Gurley Street in Prescott. The group, sponsored by People Who Care, is for stroke survivors and family members, and features experts in speech pathology, social work and nursing. For information call 445-2480.

SUSAN J RHEEM MEMORY CAFÉ’ - Adult Care Services is pleased to announce the first Memory Café in the quad-city area, hosted by The Susan J. Rheem Adult Day Center, occurs the second Saturday each month from 9-10:30 a.m. Designed for people living with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and mild cognitive impairment, AND their caregivers (family member, companion, friend, or professional.) The purpose is to enjoy a special time together, free from the challenges of the disease and provide a break from the normal routine. It’s a time for refreshment, mutual support and fun, for caregiver and loved one together! Activities will be planned by those who attend and will include such things as art presentations, live music, sing-a-longs, poetry readings, reminiscing and sharing stories, cooking demos and more. The Susan J. Rheem Adult Day Center (a non-profit adult day health program) serves adults 18 years of age and older facing Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges. Location: 3407 N. Windsong Dr in Prescott Valley. Call Mike Direen at 441-1019 for more info.

TAKE YOUR BACK TO SCHOOL is a 1-hour Back Care Certification Course. Learn about the causes, care and prevention of back pain. Class is free, but reservations are required. For current schedule and to rsvp, call 771-5131 in Prescott.

TRANSPORTATION– Mayer Area Meals on Wheels van is available to take local residents to doctor’s appointments, for labwork, to pick up prescriptions or shop for groceries. Call 632-7511 to make a reservation. Please provide at least one week’s notice.

TRANSPORTATION – New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center provides transportation services for people with disabilities and people who are elderly, including those needing wheelchair access. Transportation is available Monday through Friday (Saturday by appointment only). Call Transportation’s direct line at (928) 775-8870 with 3 business days’ notice to guarantee rides. NACOG vouchers accepted. Rides can be to appointments, grocery, medical, shopping, social engagements, prescription pick-up, etc. Call to request more info.

WOMEN OF WISDOM (WOW) Sponsored by Senior Peer Program of West Yavapai Guidance Clinic. A Support Group for senior women to share the joys and challenges of aging. Meets Wednesdays from 10-11:30am in Prescott. For info or to register call Connie Boston at 445-5211 ext 2672.

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Community Partners

Ink & Toner Cartridges
Small Quantity Photocopying
301 N Alarcon
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 777-9288

7120 Pav Way #102
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-8857

1085 Scott Drive
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 445-4348

2820 N Pleasant View Drive
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 237-3458 

7655 Long Look Drive
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-7364

8944 E Sommer Drive
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-6366

1202 Green Lane
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 778-9122

6719 E 2nd Street 
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-4184

(928) 308-7687


Our Members make it possible for us to provide FREE resources to you and your loved ones.  Please thank them for
 supporting our efforts.


Adult Care Services -
The Susan J. Rheem
Adult Day Center
3407 N Windsong Dr
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 775-3563


Arizona Care
Management Solutions
P.O. Box 1542
Cottonwood AZ 86326
(928) 300-0172


Austin House
195 S Willard
Cottonwood AZ 86326
(928) 634-4278

Brookdale Senior Living
211 Bradshaw Dr
Prescott AZ 86303
(928) 777-5511

Boulder Gardens Assisted Living
860 Dougherty St
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 778-9667

Glassford Place Senior Living
7509 E Long Look Dr
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-3690

Las Fuentes Resort Village
1035 Scott Drive
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 445-9300

Touchmark at The Ranch
3180 Touchmark Bl
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 632-7800


Adult Care Services -
The Margaret T. Morris Center
878 Sunset Ave
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 445-6633

Circle of Life Alzheimer’s/Dementia Homes
9240 N American Ranch Rd
Prescott AZ 86303
(928) 237-4795

Highgate Senior Living
1600 Petroglyph Pointe Dr
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 541-1400


Good Samaritan Society
3380 N Windsong Dr
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 775-0045


Good Samaritan Society
1065 Ruth Street
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 778-5655


Prescott Maid to Order
5810 N Prairie Ln
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 899-8518


Susan Drysdale, PhD
Senior Citizen Issues
(631) 681-6717
Prescott AZ


Alzheimer’s Association
Desert Southwest Chapter
3111 Clearwater Drive – A
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 771-9257

Dwayne’s Music Ministry
for those with Dementia/Alzheimer’s
Prescott AZ
(928) 830-7164


New Horizons
Disability Empowerment Center
9400 E Valley Rd
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-1266


P.O. Box 12767
Prescott AZ 86304
(928) 273-7601


Heritage Memory Mortuary
131 Grove Av
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 445-1881

Funeral Homes & Crematory
303 S Cortez St
Prescott AZ 86304
8480 E Valley Rd
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 445-2221

Sunrise Funeral Home & Crematory
8167 E Hwy 69
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-7024


Northern AZ
Fiduciaries, Inc
101 E Gurley St, Suite 211
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 778-7885
723 Cove Parkway, Ste C
Cottonwood AZ 86326
(928) 634-5440


Edward Jones Investments
5672 E State Rt 69 – Suite 135
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 445-2226

Evimeria Financial Group | Thrivent
3607 Crossings Dr, Suite A
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 923-3110

Hepburn Capital Management
2069 Willow Creek Road
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 778-4000

Lincoln Financial Advisors
4900 N Scottsdale Rd #3700
Scottsdale AZ 85251
(480) 824-4134

Sherrin Rose
Financial Services, LLC
4890 Antelope Drive
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 778-3053

Spirit West Certified Planning, LLC
511 E Gurley St
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 515-2322
4147 N Goldwater Blvd, Suite 101
Scottsdale AZ 85251
(844) 637-0514 toll-free

Stratos Wealth Partners
100 E Sheldon St, Suite 105
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 460-5522


Bennett Clinic Chiropractic
7749 E Florentine Rd - B
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-7200
1202 Willow Creek Road
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 771-9400

Davis Orthopaedics
3237 N Windsong Drive
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-5320

Desert Flower CBD and Wellness
3131 Robert Road – A
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 350-9943

MJ Consulting LLC
8540 E State Route 69
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-2011

Northern Arizona Pain Institutes
3769 Crossings Drive - D
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 458-7343
55 S 6th St, Suite B
Cottonwood AZ 86326
(928) 233-8269

Pro Solutions Dental Group - Family, Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry; Offices of Jason C Campbell DDS
139 W Whipple Street
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 776-1208

Pure Intent Wellness
522 E Sheldon St
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 710-3040

Sam Downing, MD PPLC
Prescott AZ

Spectrum Healthcare
3633 Crossings Dr
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 778-0330
990 Willow Creek Rd
Prescott AZ 86301
8 E Cottonwood St
651 W Mingus Av
Cottonwood AZ 86326
452 Finnie Flat Rd,
Camp Verde 86323
2880 Hopi Dr, Sedona 86336
(928) 634-2236


Mary Heller Dance Arts
Prescott & Chino Valley AZ 86303/86323
(208) 310-9913


Miracle-Ear Center
1027 Fair Street, Suite C
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 776-1065

Prescott Hearing Center
3108 Clearwater Dr, Suite B2
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 218-5953


Good Samaritan Society
Prescott Hospice
1065 Ruth St
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 778-5655

Kindred Hospice
3107 Clearwater Dr
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 445-2522

Solaris Hospice
1060 Iron Springs Rd
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 277-8641


Mountain Valley Regional
Rehabilitation Hospital
3700 N Windsong Drive
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 775-7863


Good Samaritan Society -
Prescott Village
1030 Scott Drive
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 778-2450

Las Fuentes Resort Village
1035 Scott Drive
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 445-9300

Touchmark at The Ranch
3180 Touchmark Bl
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 632-7800


All Ways Caring HomeCare
3001 Main Street, Suite 1B
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 717-9981
709 E Mingus Ave
Cottonwood AZ 86326

Cardinal Home Care
1035 Evergreen
Prescott AZ 86303
(928) 642-4683

Home Care Assistance
242 N Whipple St #3
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 771-0105

Home Instead Senior Care
240 S Montezuma St #206
Prescott AZ 86303
(928) 708-9960

Kindred Private Duty
1555 W Iron Springs Rd #11
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 776-1525

Right at Home
349 N Alarcon St
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 515-2445


Kindred At Home
3107 Clearwater Dr
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 445-2522
807 Cove Pkwy #102
Cottonwood AZ 86326
(928) 649-9933

Mountain Valley Regional
Rehabilitation Hospital
3700 N Windsong Drive
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 775-7863

Nurses Network
3085 N Windsong Dr
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-8707
2155 W Hwy 89A, Sedona AZ 86336
(928) 204-2255
624 N Humphreys, Flagstaff AZ 86001
(928) 556-0755


AAA Arizona
172 E Sheldon St, Ste C-100
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 541-8600

Aetna Medicare Solutions
4500 E Cotton Center Bl
Phoenix AZ 85040
(480) 720-1584

Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ
8220 N 23rd Av
Phoenix AZ 85021
(602) 864-5191

Brown & Brown Insurance
255 E Sheldon St, Ste A
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 776-2708

2231 E Camelback Rd #400
Phoenix AZ
(602) 451-0266
Glenn Berkley

Sherrin Rose
 Financial Services, LLC
Insurance Agents
4890 Antelope Drive
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 778-3053

Your Medicare Helper
544 South 6th Street #105
Cottonwood AZ 86326


Law Offices of
Chester B. McLaughlin, P.C.
127 N Marina Street
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 443-9934
2155 W Pinnacle Peak Rd, Suite 201
Phoenix AZ 85027
(480) 407-4944

Walker Estate Attorneys
3741 Karicio Lane
Prescott AZ 86303
(928) 445-1911


Senior Peer Program
West Yavapai Guidance Clinic
505 W Cortez St
Prescott AZ 86303
(928) 445-5211 Ext 2672


Prescott Maid to Order
5810 N Prairie Ln
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 899-8518


Better Homes and Gardens
BloomTree Realty Seniors Group
102 W Gurley #102
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 925-0241
(602) 705-1181


Assisted Living Locators
4801 N Verde Vista Dr
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 421-1872


Caring Transitions of
Northern AZ
522 W Finnie Flat Rd # E-121
Camp Verde AZ 86322
(928) 220-8021

In Your Space Consulting
303 E Gurley St #194
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 985-1172


American Advisors Group
9460 E Towago Dr
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 227-1097

William ‘Bill’ Binkey
V.I.P. Mortgage Inc
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 237-9599


Prescott Nursing &
Rehabilitation Center
864 Dougherty St
Prescott AZ 86305
(928) 778-9667


Central AZ Seniors Association (CASA)
Meals On Wheels/ 
Congregate Dining
9360 E Manzanita Cr
Prescott Valley AZ 86314
(928) 772-3337

NAU, CSI Senior Companion/RSVP
P.O. Box 25727
Prescott Valley AZ 86312
(928) 713-4114

Yavapai Humane Society
1625 Sundog Ranch Rd
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 445-2666


AAA Arizona
172 E Sheldon St, Ste C-100
Prescott AZ 86301
(928) 541-8600

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Whether you are an adult child caring for an aging parent, a spouse or sibling providing care to a relative, or a senior caring for yourself, the information and products available via the website are designed to improve your quality of life. 


   As caregivers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks that need to be accomplished for your loved ones each day.
    Although hundreds of resources exist to help you, the hardest part can be finding what’s available. 
   Therefore, in addition to the Caregiver Connection newsletter, I am also pleased to make available to you several valuable resources via the “Senior Connection website.” This web-based one-stop Educational and Information center for Caregivers and Seniors is designed to save you time and money, as well as your sanity.
   The website consists of a comprehensive Resource Directory, Articles on topics of relevance to caregivers and seniors, and informational Videos and Slideshows about agencies that offer help throughout Yavapai County.


   The Resources Directory contains contact information for hundreds of local nonprofit, government and commercial agencies that provide helpful products and services to ease the life of caregivers. 
   Updated weekly, this searchable database will save you literally hundreds of research hours and connect you with nonprofit, government and commercial agencies that can help with every aspect of being a caregiver. 
   Categories include areas such as assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, in-home care providers, transportation, meal preparation and delivery, and financial assistance. 
   A search on one or more keywords results in all of the companies that provide a particular product or service. You can then print out the Profile of each agency that is of interest to you. 
   All on the website at: 


The Informational Articles section contains articles on a wide variety of topics relating to aging. The articles are short and sweet, yet go directly to the heart of the matter of some of the most sensitive issues surrounding our fears and frustrations as caregivers. No topic is off-limits and new articles are constantly being added to the website at:


Educational Videos and Slideshows, narrated by recognized experts in the community, are posted on the website. Additionally, videos and slideshows featuring nonprofit and for-profit agencies that provide products or services to caregivers and seniors will be available at the website: 


The information contained herein and throughout the website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended, nor should it be construed as legal, medical or financial advice. Use of this information indicates your understanding of, and agreement to the above.


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